So here it goes, Pat's blog. Let it be lame. Let it be me letting go of what "it means". I am jumping into the blog pit like so many trillions of others and we'll see what does or doesn't happen.

I'm sick at home with a cold. Third cold I've had in three months which is too many. Louise Hay's affirmation for overcoming this is " I declare that peace and harmony indwell and surround me at all times. All is well". I'll try it.

I joined Facebook yesterday which is what finally inspired me to get this blog started. Facebook is fun! Like the cereal aisle, it offers quite a variety of options. I can ask my wonky friend Joel to give me a tour. Hi Joel! And I am asking Owen to set up his info. Hi Owen!

I am keeping my expectations low for this blog right now. It may take me awhile to get into the swing of it. I feel like a lot of stuff on blogs is a bit boring. So I can let mine be boring! I'd like it to be funny. That's a good start.